Choosing a College & Major

  • Best Colleges
    • Best Colleges provides up-to-date college rankings in different categories, including Most Affordable, Best Colleges in California, Best Online Programs, and many more. Students can search college rankings by location, major, student demographics, campus life, and finance to find the best fit for their goals.
  • BigFuture
    • BigFuture, managed by The College Board, provides a range of college-related resources, including college searching, application information, financial aid resources, and more. In addition to students, this website also provides information for parents and educators.
  • Petersen’s Guide to Colleges and Universities
    • Peterson’s allows students to easily search by college or scholarship. This website also provides resources on test prep and college admission, as well as information for international students.
  • College Navigator
    • College Navigator, a resource provided by the National Center for Education Statistics, allows students to search for colleges by different factors including location, program/major, institution type (private, public, etc.), and more. Students can save their searches to compare different schools.
  • Index of American Universities
    • This index is an alphabetical list of universities in the United States and can be used to access the homepage of each of the listed schools. Users should note that this index is maintained by a single person, and as such, there may be universities not listed. The author of the index also notes that not all universities have been checked for accredidation.
  • Education Quest
    • Education Quest provides step-by-step guides to choosing colleges, paying for college, and learning about different careers; the website also includes a guide specifically for students with disabilities. This is a useful resource for students who don’t know where to start their college search.

Financial Aid & Scholarships